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Big and Tall T-Shirts for BIG GUYS

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Do these things bother you on your T-shirts?

Belly sticking out

Breezy butt crack

Lower back tan lines

Big and Tall T-shirts in which you will feel comfortable

Somebody said: “I do not feel like you can properly lookg good unless you feel comfortable in what
you are wearing.” Our T-shirt makes you feel comfortable and look good.

norw8 comfortable
oversize t shirt made in eu

Big and Tall T-shirt - VIKING

Brand new T-shirt from our custom made fabrics in Viking style

Comparison of ordinary
T-shirts with NORW8

Enjoy and not endure your clothes!

Samantha Welker: „ Most brands take their sample pattern and just blow it up. They do not take the
time to think about how bodies are different. So many plus-sizes choices are shapeless, basic and
It is time for plus – size inclusion to become a true movement in the fashion industry.”

What do the BIG GUYS say on NORW8 T-shirts?

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